The stories we hear and see shape what we think is possible

We share inspiring stories of resilience, possibility, and cooperation


We tell stories of people, projects, and ideas from all over the world pioneering a healthier and more harmonious future for all of us.

We tell myths and folktales to encourage intercultural respect, wisdom, and understanding (and because it's fun).

Our stories exemplify the values of care for the earth, care for people, and care for the future. 

To be alive now is to be the stewards of a time of great change and increasing complexity. We are beginning to glimpse just how interconnected we are. These are times of exciting innovation and also of significant challenges. How we choose to respond to these challenges now will have a huge impact on the future of humanity. Things are going to change rapidly in the next few decades. What we believe is possible influences how we respond, and the stories we are exposed to influence what we think is possible. This is why the Story Connective is dedicated to documenting and sharing stories of possibility and resilience in order to inspire positive transformation. 


We tell audio stories like this one:

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All the content that we create is published as Creative Commons. We create it, with the intention that it can be used by anyone free of charge. This is particularly helpful to the change makers we interview who are often so busy making world changing projects happen, they don't have the energy to create a compelling online story of what they do. We want their brave resourceful actions to flourish and take root everywhere. This is the service we share with the world.

Together let's change the story and prove that connection, integrity, resilience, and sharing are valuable.

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The permaculture flower shows ideas we share stories about


New in 2020: The Story Connective is going to be diving deeper into how to create & nurture solutions-focused community collabroation.

Come Spring 2020 be on the lookout for our next season of content where we will be sharing stories of “Social Permaculture”: how to create & nurture healthy, community collaboration.

Fund Drive Winner:

We are pleased to announce that Turtle Lake Refuge is the winner of our last Fund Drive! Thanks to your donations, Turtle Lake Refuge will continue to support its mission to celebrate the connection between personal health & wild lands. Please help us spread their work as well by sharing the video with people you think may have an interest. Thank you so much for all your support; we truly appreciate it.


About Us

Rebecca Rhapsody (story weaver, co-founder) is a facilitator, performer, and teaching artist who evokes resourcefulness, authenticity, and solutionary thinking in individuals and groups. It delights her to help you activate the story of your life or organization so that you feel more engaged, empowered, and appreciative. If you (and your group) have an urge to live each day more soulfully satisfied - then it’s possible. Deeply influenced by her place of birth and upbringing, the island of Maui, Hawai’i, Rhapsody's passion is to connect people to themselves, each other and the earth with Aloha. She has a degree in theater from Northwestern University, and has over 11 years of teaching artist experience as a champion of creativity and self/group connection. She is an emerging leader of Social Artistry, and Project Leader for Story Bridge.Spaces. Also, she has a huge sweet tooth for chocolate. To learn more about The Story Connective journey, and other upcoming projects, follow Rhapsody on instagram and facebook

Loxley Clovis (story curator, co-founder) is a seasoned archivist & documentarian who cares deeply about the permaculture principles of people care, earth care, & fair share. He helps Story Connective bring these principles to life through filming stories of resilience & sharing them with the world. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Texas Tech University, Loxley became a teacher & currently teaches permaculture design. He has traveled abroad extensively & is fluent in Spanish. Being a GNU/Linux geek (yes, he has a Linux beard), Loxley chooses to use Free Open Source Software & Hardware whenever possible. He likes organic gardening & volunteer community farming. Loxley is excited to contribute to the Creative Commons by using his passion for storytelling (In Spanish the word for history & story are the same after all) to spread solutionary ideas.